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Get in touch either via the contact form on our Contact Page or via email or Instagram to book your consultation with Meg. From there we can work to perfect your personal bespoke designs. Once completed, we then move onto bringing your garment to life.

How to start?

Every client is different and every garment will be different, therefore, there is no set price for bespoke garments. At your consultation we will discuss your budget and our design process will be altered to suit your needs. 

How much does it cost?

As each garment is unique, we cannot give a set amount of time for designing and making your garment. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks for garments (except for bridal-wear which is a minimum 12 weeks) but for complex designs this can be up to 12 weeks. If you have an urgent query please do get in touch. 

How long does it take?

It is a difficult thing to generalise our work and services because bespoke design is inherently one thing... unique - but you can find some information below to get you started. If you have any further questions head to our Contact Page to get in touch!

the everyday

Are you looking to invest and build a wardrobe that is bursting with garments you not only love, but are more to you than just a piece of fabric? We can guide you through cultivating a wardrobe of  slow and sustainable fashion - from blouses to outerwear. We're here to help you.

the big day

Have a particular special day for which you need a very specific type of outfit? Whether you're a boho bride or more of a glitz and glam girl, we can cater for your individual style and needs - whatever they maybe. Or maybe you're the Mother-Of-The-Bride looking for something beautifully elegant or something with a subtle statement - we can help with this also!

the occasion(al) day

We don't stop there - do you have a prom, ball or other event to attend and need a show stopping gown? From classy cocktail dresses for black -tie events to breath taking ball gown for proms. Or maybe you're booked into the races and are looking for a sophisticated ensemble - we can help with that.

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made-to-size package

As much as we try to work to budgets, sometimes, not everyone has a budget that will allow for our made-to-measure package, so to ensure we can offer bespoke fashion to the many, we offer a made-to-size package which will mean your bespoke garment is made to your standard standard UK size.

made-to-measure package

We would recommend our made-to-measure package if your budget allows, this will mean your garment fits your body to your specifications, whatever they may be, This package includes at least 3 fittings, a toile of your garment, as well as complimentary sketches of your bespoke design as a keep-sake. 

Get in touch for a bespoke consultation

"made-to" collection garments

We also offer Meg J Gardner Collection garment replicas, These garments are offered in both our made-to packages but unfortunately cannot be customised in their design. If you'd like to alter the design, let us guide you to our design packages.

made-for-life package

Sustainability and slow fashion is important to us, and its at the heart of this package. We want our brides to have the option of wearing their dress for more then just one day - let us work with you to either design an adaptable bridal outfit, or come back to us to have your dress transformed into something you can wear again and again.

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